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safe2174321 screencap295728 apple bloom60030 big macintosh33603 button mash4819 chipcutter144 discord37548 pipsqueak3192 rumble4507 scootaloo58762 snails5780 spike92403 sweetie belle56745 draconequus20322 dragon85410 earth pony446311 pegasus496473 pony1602459 unicorn537905 g42028873 season 83214 the break up breakdown817 bowtie15032 candle7014 crying55471 cute265744 cutie mark crusaders22381 diasweetes3741 discovery family logo12628 female1802661 filly97360 flower39480 foal44179 frown36140 group7963 hay1993 male550702 offscreen character52294 open mouth237514 photo96628 pov20080 quintet483 sad31360 sadorable1615 teary eyes6885 wingless spike401 woobie351


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I personally think Sweetie Belle and the others should have left Big Mac alone in this episode instead of asking him to help them find who has a crush on Rarity’s little sister, especially considering that Big Mac thought Sugar Belle wanted to break up with him. Dude was going through some conflicting emotions and the CMC, Spike and even DISCORD should have realized this too but they didn’t, for some goofy reason.
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Am I the only who noticed that this episode was completely centered to the most popular secondary characters created by Lauren Faust herself (plus Sugar Belle), and none of the Mane 6 appeared?