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safe1599371 screencap208690 applejack161189 fluttershy201275 rainbow dash222339 rarity172359 spike75040 starlight glimmer45075 twilight sparkle285947 alicorn202454 dragon49696 earth pony210411 pegasus251729 pony868450 unicorn278517 horse play830 discovery family logo11505 female1272112 firework sun7 fireworks1792 illegal fireworks3 imminent explosion67 male338164 mare432176 raised hoof40024 this will end in explosions335 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117220


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Background Pony #6ED9
Pinkie pie : Hey trixie, I want to buy some fireworks for a school play today
Trixie : Is Princess Twilight would be there.
Pinkie pie : Yes, why
Trixie : Then I would have a perfect fireworks set that has’t even tested.