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safe1923134 artist:emositecc379 princess celestia103332 rainbow dash255129 spike85926 alicorn265207 dragon68785 pegasus384215 pony1270661 comic:sparkle42 alternate eye color256 alternate hairstyle32507 alternate universe11297 baby12089 baby dragon1750 baby spike720 blushing231528 cute228962 dashabetes10688 dialogue77254 female1557861 filly81124 filly rainbow dash1391 levitation13864 magic83922 male442975 momlestia1067 pink hair1739 rainbowspike573 shipping225083 signature33449 spikabetes2382 straight155408 telekinesis32880 text72946 trio14993 unknown species130 young1805 younger19685


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Goddess Erosia

bow before me owo
Spike and Rainbow Dash… the modern representation of brother and sister….  
I mean it - can’t you feel how real this is? They’d both be into the same things growing up.
Now, I know what we’re all thinking — “hurrr durrr she gonna grow to like EXACTLY what he likes” but honestly I don’t even mean it like that. After all, not all dykes have to be lesbians.
Background Pony #974B
Hnnnng….my heart! It hurts…this is too cute…I’m going to die from cuteness…why must you do this? Their so cute! Beautiful work!!