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safe1678587 artist:emositecc376 princess celestia93876 rainbow dash230895 spike77913 alicorn219098 dragon54599 pegasus281190 pony941123 comic:sparkle41 alternate eye color233 alternate hairstyle27456 alternate universe10158 baby10274 baby dragon1337 baby spike690 blushing192916 cute195613 dashabetes9003 dialogue63948 female1338044 filly64850 filly rainbow dash1237 levitation11837 magic71845 male363310 momlestia982 pink hair1179 rainbowspike530 shipping196532 signature23397 spikabetes1987 straight133601 telekinesis27093 text58216 trio8774 unknown species82 young1580 younger16993


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Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
Spike and Rainbow Dash… the modern representation of brother and sister….
I mean it — can't you feel how real this is? They'd both be into the same things growing up.

Now, I know what we're all thinking —- "hurrr durrr she gonna grow to like EXACTLY what he likes" but honestly I don't even mean it like that. After all, not all dykes have to be lesbians.
Background Pony #974B
Hnnnng….my heart! It hurts…this is too cute…I'm going to die from cuteness…why must you do this? Their so cute! Beautiful work!!