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safe1787165 artist:emositecc376 princess celestia97901 rainbow dash241881 spike81647 alicorn239352 dragon60560 pegasus323739 pony1098266 comic:sparkle42 alternate eye color247 alternate hairstyle29785 alternate universe10690 baby10934 baby dragon1385 baby spike700 blushing210268 cute210298 dashabetes9834 dialogue69997 female1435495 filly72100 filly rainbow dash1301 levitation12918 magic77320 male400263 momlestia1014 pink hair1389 rainbowspike548 shipping209770 signature28112 spikabetes2136 straight143576 telekinesis29609 text63975 trio10374 unknown species99 young1668 younger18017


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Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
Spike and Rainbow Dash… the modern representation of brother and sister….  
I mean it - can’t you feel how real this is? They’d both be into the same things growing up.
Now, I know what we’re all thinking — “hurrr durrr she gonna grow to like EXACTLY what he likes” but honestly I don’t even mean it like that. After all, not all dykes have to be lesbians.
Background Pony #974B
Hnnnng….my heart! It hurts…this is too cute…I’m going to die from cuteness…why must you do this? Their so cute! Beautiful work!!