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safe1949209 artist:emositecc379 princess celestia104273 rainbow dash257423 spike86566 alicorn270363 dragon70634 pegasus396513 pony1299418 comic:sparkle42 alternate eye color257 alternate hairstyle32999 alternate universe11469 baby12579 baby dragon2090 baby spike725 blushing235297 cute232514 dashabetes10822 dialogue78849 female1582336 filly83175 filly rainbow dash1413 levitation14098 magic85310 male451671 momlestia1076 pink hair1790 rainbowspike582 shipping227453 signature34306 spikabetes2401 straight157552 telekinesis33570 text74692 trio16114 unknown species136 young1814 younger20021


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Goddess Erosia

bow before me owo
Spike and Rainbow Dash… the modern representation of brother and sister….  
I mean it - can’t you feel how real this is? They’d both be into the same things growing up.
Now, I know what we’re all thinking — “hurrr durrr she gonna grow to like EXACTLY what he likes” but honestly I don’t even mean it like that. After all, not all dykes have to be lesbians.
Background Pony #974B
Hnnnng….my heart! It hurts…this is too cute…I’m going to die from cuteness…why must you do this? Their so cute! Beautiful work!!