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“And neither are you of course, not anytime soon~”
Quick status update: still working on the comic! And as much as I love it, I do need to take breaks from it from time to time. In my case, taking a break from drawing means drawing something else, so here you go, have some quick and casual sparity fun meanwhile <3

explicit463891 artist:alcor1225 rarity215609 spike91685 dragon84037 human240272 g42004448 all fours3973 barefoot34858 blushing268131 breasts384455 busty rarity17378 complete nudity7308 dialogue90865 face down ass up11277 feet53814 female1777791 full body7522 heart74303 human on dragon action290 humanized117962 interspecies31098 looking back84707 lying down44354 male541885 multitasking250 nudity503963 older38615 older spike8870 open mouth232371 oral64137 sex168042 ship:sparity8123 shipping250789 smiling388707 straight176127


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Background Pony #2492
@Background Pony #5A5E  
Oh, and also how that impacts viewers in other lands like the US who can’t submit or view certain images just because the server is in Europe and therefore falls under restrictive European internet laws.
Background Pony #F0C9
Yeah, I don’t know what your deal is; it was a joke that since Spike is eating her pussy, he’s a douche.
If you are concerned about pedos or Pizzagate or whatever moronic BS you occupy your time with, got to Reddit or better yet, chill the hell out.
Background Pony #B7D1
You must draw anthro/human Rarity more often, love to see more of her from you, Al.
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@Background Pony #AEF3  
Oh, it’s actually just a potted cactus she named ‘Spike’. Sorry if it doesn’t look like it, I’m not very good at drawing cactuses. I also don’t know very well what sounds do cactuses make, so I went with some random noises. Yep, that’s all there is to it. Anything else is just your dirty imagination.