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Continuation of: >>1607413  
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Mrs. Cake, like the rest of Ponyville’s residents, enjoy making new friends and being a good hostess/caterer, wants to show her, hopefully, soon to be new friend, that she is just as fun as the other girls, even if she is much older than them.
Besides, Mr. Cake won’t mind.

suggestive190728 artist:art-2u541 cup cake4939 pinkie pie255850 twilight sparkle357750 oc947534 oc:midnight radiance (sixpathspony)82 anthro359725 g42028921 apron5788 ass81296 balloonbutt6547 big breasts125718 blushing274110 book43563 breasts391026 busty twilight sparkle16390 butt231218 canon x oc35119 chair11780 cleavage46703 clothes634488 cookie5026 daisy dukes1767 dialogue93004 ear piercing43795 earring32725 equestria girls outfit2698 food101296 hips4749 huge butt16584 implied rainbow dash1547 implied rarity1573 jewelry113065 kanji234 lap dance136 large butt33557 looking back86537 no tail2303 offscreen character52299 party2459 piercing64033 shorts19623 sitting92371 skirt55544 tail100719 tail pull2754 tank top10899 the ass was fat21066 thick6181 thick cup cake397 torn clothes6962 twibutt9170 wide hips30443


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Background Pony #F462
“Your fine ma’m, it’s just the immense boner trying to peirce through my pants!”
Background Pony #DD5B
Those lap dances must be pretty aggressive to do that to fabric.
That, or there’s some butt and/or thigh expanding magic at play here.
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Those lap dances must be pretty aggressive to do that to fabric.
Side note, need id on the kanji on Cup Cake’s shirt.
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In Vino Veritas
@Background Pony #C12E
I have an ex that has an ass that was almost a meter or so wide, and stuck out about a foot.
Course she was 290, so make of it what you will.
Also there’s this chick who apparently has the worlds largest hips.
Background Pony #C5CF
This is very unrealistic no woman on earth has a butt that abnormally large.