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Sneaks up to Luna  
Stuffs a snake in Luna’s face
Shoots up into the air  
  • UNFAIR! The bug was smaller!
    Celestia: Smirking  
  • What? You said the bug you found was the biggest one you’ve ever seen and this snake is far from the biggest.  
    Speaking of which…  
    There is another one lying somewhere, but it’s too big even for me to lift( Hold on a second, I’ll try to bait it here, don’t go anywhere =3  
    Gently places the snake onto the grass and whispers  
  • Look after Luna, I’ll be back soon)
  • Tia! Get back here, don’t leave me alone!!! >_<
  • Oh, you’re not alone, you have two new friends here with you! >w<
  • Two? O_o - What do you mean… two?..  
    Something drops onto Luna’s head, turning around she sees another snake hanging from another branch a bit higher above. It looks like it’s about to drop down.  
    P.s. And yep, Little continuation for my previous picture with Celli and Luna))  
    Childhood memories >w<

safe2153316 artist:yakovlev-vad593 part of a set22863 princess celestia111789 princess luna116251 alicorn309855 cobra221 pony1581239 snake4129 spider2369 g42006285 :p14111 behaving like a cat3038 bipedal48654 cewestia1930 chest fluff63858 cute263075 cutelestia4253 duo164165 duo female29472 ear fluff49195 exclamation point5569 eyebrows23273 eyebrows visible through hair10843 female1780040 filly96142 filly celestia480 filly luna534 floating heart6012 floppy ears71865 fluffy19259 foal42804 gritted teeth19088 hanging2268 heart74554 hissing551 hoof shoes9360 horn178475 jumping4539 looking up23594 lunabetes4327 mare727572 open mouth232826 open smile29301 ophidiophobia51 question mark6593 royal sisters6566 s1 luna8441 scared14123 siblings21157 sisters17555 slender5035 smiling389443 snek142 spread wings91789 sweet dreams fuel2029 teeth21022 thin7868 tongue out144814 tree48246 underhoof67937 upside down7274 wall of tags6411 weapons-grade cute4628 wings216626 woona5648 yakovlev-vad is trying to murder us13 younger22615


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As the many pranks princess celesta was to pull on Luna when the chance princess celesta was to have a rubber snake when she was to allegedly had poked Luna which made her turn into a rocket while hanging from a branch she wonders of another snake and a spider when those wonder if the branch was to be able to support her weight when the chance those could hear a loud crack as the branch broke under her weight making her fall to the ground then was KO by the branch.
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That’s just people’s inability to tag correctly, welcome to my world. :P  
Fix the tags when you see them, that’s all that can really be done.
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I love this image, and suddenly it disappeared from my faves.
I’ve removed the hanging tag not just to bring it back, but because it’s NOT appropriate to this image (check out the content), even if Luna is latched on to a tree limb.
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Just read this, the first few comments are talking about spelling, go to the big paragraph with the name Megan McCarthy on it. If you wish to continue send me a message and we can talk it out there. (I don’t want to bombard the artist with comments).
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How did Celesita get a cobra without it biting her? Unless she managed to tame it or something like this: