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Just two ponies spending a happy afternoon together. Lewdly.
explicit370940 artist:evomanaphy884 oc734306 oc only548410 oc:icepick180 oc:permittivity51 earth pony281978 pony1105928 unicorn358370 anatomically correct25624 anatomically incorrect4329 anus103151 balls82362 bed43542 blank flank7828 blushing210486 clitoris29342 cuddling8755 cute210476 cute porn6490 eyes closed101882 female1436691 happy sex2230 horsecock74241 human shoulders961 icetivity38 male400705 mare520332 medial ring6850 neck kiss194 not derpy150 nudity392575 on bed4105 penetration63380 penis163777 plot85985 sex129644 smiling273695 spooning599 stallion121690 straight143718 taint5821 underhoof55353 unshorn fetlocks29111 urethra2530 vaginal42539 vulva137040 vulvar winking12757


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Background Pony #9C9E
What a sexy couple and cute smile on Icepick’s face.
That said, the stallion’s anatomy seems a little off. The perineum (the stretch of skin between his anus and ballsack) seems really long compared to what it should be.