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Just two ponies spending a happy afternoon together. Lewdly.
explicit343133 artist:evomanaphy862 oc665442 oc only438214 oc:icepick180 oc:permittivity51 earth pony237440 pony938316 unicorn310812 anatomically correct23267 anatomically incorrect4075 anus94495 balls74025 bed39873 blank flank7460 blushing192463 clitoris26457 cuddling8225 cute195206 cute porn6149 eyes closed89983 female1335624 happy sex2063 horsecock66671 human shoulders918 icetivity38 male362453 mare466011 medial ring5234 neck kiss178 not derpy133 nudity361327 on bed3208 penetration56380 penis149705 plot76927 sex118293 smiling240174 spooning579 stallion104754 straight133400 taint5067 underhoof50613 unshorn fetlocks24433 urethra2428 vaginal38391 vulva124448 vulvar winking11480


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Background Pony #9C9E
What a sexy couple and cute smile on Icepick's face.

That said, the stallion's anatomy seems a little off. The perineum (the stretch of skin between his anus and ballsack) seems really long compared to what it should be.