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Just two ponies spending a happy afternoon together. Lewdly.

dead source45342 explicit464399 artist:evomanaphy911 oc935412 oc only679230 oc:icepick177 oc:permittivity51 earth pony437163 pony1580604 unicorn527991 anatomically correct35047 anatomically incorrect5371 anus135181 balls107872 bed56676 blank flank9796 blushing268560 butt226498 clitoris40884 cuddling10629 cute262971 cute porn7480 eyes closed136870 female1779112 happy sex2873 horsecock97621 human shoulders1535 icetivity38 male542364 mare727163 medial ring11634 neck kiss264 not derpy206 nudity504481 on bed7793 penetration86618 penis209864 plot140842 sex168286 smiling389188 spooning740 stallion191394 stallion on mare2257 straight176261 taint6881 underhoof67897 unshorn fetlocks45071 urethra3279 vaginal56343 vulva186472 vulvar winking17645


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Background Pony #9C9E
What a sexy couple and cute smile on Icepick’s face.
That said, the stallion’s anatomy seems a little off. The perineum (the stretch of skin between his anus and ballsack) seems really long compared to what it should be.