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suggestive188625 artist:art-2u536 spike91753 spike the regular dog3186 starlight glimmer59332 dog13409 equestria girls253192 g42006533 ass80737 beanie4832 breasts385026 busty starlight glimmer3371 butt226660 butt grab4078 butt touch7853 clothes625279 commission114735 female1780215 glimmer glutes2383 grope18986 hat122621 heart74567 heart eyes29030 high heels16799 high res406089 hips4676 implied bestiality361 large butt32726 looking at you254353 looking back84902 looking back at you28780 male542742 one eye closed44992 ripped pants902 sexy45212 ship:sparlight691 shipping251124 shoes58275 straight176478 stupid sexy starlight glimmer779 the ass was fat20804 they like what they see10 thick6077 thighs27687 tights760 tongue out144819 torn clothes6823 watch1878 wide hips29633 wingding eyes38749 wink32507


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With the few debating on being in spike’s position when if he enjoys starlight glimmer more when displaying her booty when she allegedly splits her leggings to display her lady bits.
Background Pony #3439
Me : “can i touch your butt please”?  
Starlight: “Please go ahead”  
Me :“Alright “ starts touching starlight’s Butt  
Me “Wow”  
Starlight:“Do you like the feeling of my Butt?”  
Starlight “ well what do you want to do now?”winks  
Me:“Do you like being spanked?”  
Starlight :“Oh yes please spank My butt “  
Me:Alright **Starts spanking Starlight **  
Starlight:“Ow yes Harder, and more”  
Me :” Wow this is Amazing i like that the the fat on your Ass Jiggles on every smack “  
Starlight “thanks for the complement;)”  
  • 10 minutes later*  
    Me “ ok I’m stopping my hands are getting sore “  
    Starlight “ok i agree my butt is also hurting “  
    Me: Wow that awesome “  
    Starlight: yeah * starts to rub her butt “  
    Me : aww do you want a massage?”  
    Starlight”yes “  
    Me “ok “ **Starts to massage starlight’s Butt **  
    Another 10 minutes later  
    Starlight “all better ,may i have a kiss there?”  
    Me:“Ok “ bows down to kiss Starlight’s Butt “  
    Starlight:“what else?”  
    Me:“will you sit on my face?  
    Starlight “sure” **stands up **  
    Me:**lays down **  
    Starlight:” Ready?”  
    Me “yes i am”  
    Starlight “Alright “ * procides to sit on my face *  
    Me Groans as starlight’s Butt Cheeks meet my face  
    Starlight “ how are things going down there ?”  
    Me * gives the thumbs up *  
    *15 minutes later **  
    gets off my face *  
    Me “ that was amazing “  
    Starlight “yeah “  
    Me: well i have to go its getting late “  
    Starlight “me too “  
    Me: will we,do this again?  
    Starlight “sure;) “  
    Me:“bye “  
    Starlight “bye”
    The end