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suggestive141128 artist:art-2u418 spike78292 spike the regular dog2495 starlight glimmer48211 dog9393 equestria girls198315 ass48519 beanie3603 breasts274162 busty starlight glimmer2389 butt56419 butt grab2539 butt touch3942 clothes454126 commission66915 female1349238 glimmer glutes1201 grope12906 hat85609 heart47754 heart eyes16078 high heels10987 hips2655 implied bestiality301 large butt16394 looking at you165888 looking back56507 looking back at you14299 male367759 one eye closed30059 ripped pants472 sexy28957 shipping198261 shoes35734 sparlight597 straight134901 stupid sexy starlight glimmer527 the ass was fat13686 they like what they see11 thick4339 thighs13126 tights632 tongue out102413 torn clothes4790 watch1395 wide hips16805 wingding eyes21930 wink24368


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Background Pony #3439
Me : "can i touch your butt please"?
Starlight: "Please go ahead"
Me :"Alright " starts touching starlight's Butt
Me "Wow"
Starlight:"Do you like the feeling of my Butt?"
Starlight " well what do you want to do now?"winks
Me:"Do you like being spanked?"
Starlight :"Oh yes please spank My butt "
Me:Alright Starts spanking Starlight
Starlight:"Ow yes Harder, and more"
Me :" Wow this is Amazing i like that the the fat on your Ass Jiggles on every smack "
Starlight "thanks for the complement;)"
* 10 minutes later*
Me " ok I'm stopping my hands are getting sore "
Starlight "ok i agree my butt is also hurting "
Me: Wow that awesome "
Starlight: yeah * starts to rub her butt "
Me : aww do you want a massage?"
Starlight"yes "
Me "ok " Starts to massage starlight's Butt
Another 10 minutes later
Starlight "all better ,may i have a kiss there?"
Me:"Ok " bows down to kiss Starlight's Butt "
Starlight:"what else?"
Me:"will you sit on my face?
Starlight "sure" stands up
Me:lays down
Starlight:" Ready?"
Me "yes i am"
Starlight "Alright " * procides to sit on my face *
Me Groans as starlight's Butt Cheeks meet my face
Starlight " how are things going down there ?"
Me * gives the thumbs up *
15 minutes later
Starlight* gets off my face *
Me " that was amazing "
Starlight "yeah "
Me: well i have to go its getting late "
Starlight "me too "
Me: will we,do this again?
Starlight "sure;) "
Me:"bye "
Starlight "bye"

The end