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Starlight Glimmer
{ Invocation Tally Bellow }
safe1901920 edit150371 screencap247936 applejack183757 arista200 bacon braids108 berry punch7005 berryshine7005 bittersweet (character)99 bon bon17534 carrot top5804 cherry berry2319 clypeus207 cornicle235 daisy2738 dizzy twister1221 double diamond1769 flower wishes2614 fluttershy231741 frenulum (character)193 golden harvest5804 goldengrape727 juicy fruit37 lily2118 lily valley2118 linky1755 lokiax149 lyra heartstrings31542 meadow song650 minuette6313 orange swirl1221 party favor1628 pinkie pie233232 pokey pierce1451 princess celestia102440 princess luna106609 queen chrysalis38063 rainbow dash253484 rarity198085 sea swirl1775 seafoam1775 shoeshine1867 sir colton vines iii727 soupling179 spike85274 spring melody1305 sprinkle medley1305 star bright218 starlight glimmer53636 sunburst7711 sunshower raindrops2516 sweetie drops17534 thorax4903 trixie72955 twilight sparkle324892 alicorn261185 centipede114 changedling9804 changeling55623 changeling queen20191 dragon67035 manticore595 rat390 snake3221 spider2035 a royal problem2274 celestial advice1211 every little thing she does1025 no second prances2000 the cutie map4245 the cutie re-mark3337 to where and back again2897 triple threat1085 absurd file size2362 absurd gif size382 alternate timeline3298 animated108903 applecalypsejack57 background pony10956 backpack2287 canterlot castle2509 caption23698 changeling hive698 chrysalis resistance timeline437 creepy crawlies29 crying48619 crystal war timeline1494 cutie map778 dragon lands371 dream2902 everfree forest2265 female1538861 gif37865 implied cranky doodle donkey11 king thorax3369 kitchen2172 levitation13684 library3568 magic82782 mane six34489 our town343 ponyville6621 stage3447 tears of joy2917 telekinesis32313 text71452 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134831 twilight's castle4620 twilight's castle library374 wiping tears79


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Retired Ass
Ok, guys, you can argue all you want, but the moment you get personal with one another is the moment I have to step in and be a killjoy.
Clean up your act or drop it, ok?
Duck - I love arguing so much I don't know when to stop!

So suddenly controlling someone against their will is an ok thing to do?
Hmm, I must’ve missed that announcement.
And how do you expect anyone to take you seriously?
And I can actually ask that when you try to make an argument like that.
Seriously dude. You’re just trying baby them now. Trying to make everyone happy when you and so many people don’t grasp that if you focus on trying to make literally everyone happy, no one will be happy.
And Philweasel does seem to fit the description of a fanboy with just how obsessively hard he’s trying to defend Starlight.
And I’m not ignorant of what I’m talking about. I’m talking about how Starlight is in the show, which some people don’t seem to like since they can’t really disregard it, even if they want to or try to.
Artist -

But you assume Starlight’s flaws as a big deal, which is your main problem, because not all people want to focus on the bad things. Being ignorant is not the same thing as being positive.
Also, don’t confuse the terms fan and fanboy. You called Philweasel a fanboy whit out reason, because a fanboy is a person who will attack anyone who disagree with him, and as I see, Philweasel never insulted you, he just pointed why he like the character and disagree with other opinions being respectful. All the contrary about you, because you’re the one who insulted him in the first place (fanboy, bullcrap).
How do you expect them to take you seriously if you’re the one who always try to lower them mentally? At least be respectful next time. No need to be rude.
@Background Pony #0D0B  
And this comes for too long as I see. :/
Background Pony #38B6
looks at the comment section
I feel like i am back in 2013, when people bitched about twilight being too perfect.
I guess Starlight is the flavor of the season until a new character comes around. :P
Duck - I love arguing so much I don't know when to stop!

Funny you should say that. When they’re doing that as well. And that’s very hypocritical.
And you guys are just assuming things without thinking, why am I not surprised.
I don’t hate Starlight, I just don’t like how she never seems to learn some pretty basic, but pretty important lessons, like don’t do things against the wills of others.
Artist -

Dude, you CAN’T force people to agree with you.
Look, if they want to like a character you hate (whatever their reasons are) they are free to do it. Opinions are too diverse. You’re not the voice of the reason (neither of the fandom), just a person giving an opinion.
Have you seen me trying to force or at least convince Starlight haters to like her? NO, because they don’t want to like her for their own reasons, and that’s okay.
What do you expect? Saying “this” and “this” about Starlight and expect people to say “hey, you’re actually right”? Please…
Duck - I love arguing so much I don't know when to stop!

Well guess what? You’re two separate people, and siblings to boot. There’s no magic spell to make all your problems disappear. Get over it.
Quit trying to make excuses. You and your sibling, if you’re telling the truth, are going to have arguments, I’m 28 and the same thing happens to me and my brother every now and then, but that doesn’t stop me from continuing my life.
And that’s kinda sad. The you loving screw up Starlight so much.
It makes me think that you have the idea that constantly screwing up is alright.
And I’m not talking about just making a mistake or two, I’m talking about when someone never seems to learn the most basic lessons or anything because they either, feel they know better than everyone else or they’re just too lazy to take time in doing something the right way.
That’s what I really dislike about Starlight as a character, and what people like you always choose to ignore.
And the fact that Starlight has done things to others without their consent only highlights her being a know it all who thinks she knows best or lazily trying to use magic to fix something instantly.
Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.

Right About Everything
I do have a sibling actually. I really wish someone could cast a magic spell and help us get along.
And if you knew anything about me you know I love screw up Starlight, and “Every Little Thing She Does” and “To Change a Changeling” are two of my favorite episodes for just how badly she does just that. And that “Movie Magic” really wound me the wrong way by presenting her as a generic hero.
Duck - I love arguing so much I don't know when to stop!

You make a good point.
Starlight doesn’t handle her problems in a very effective or logical way most of the time..
Dude, you must not have siblings by way you talk.
Siblings can always argue, no matter how old they get. I’m sure there are siblings who are in their 80s and still argue with each other. So you just saying that they’re being childish and ridiculous is just trying to pull a point out of thin air.
But your comment here is a great example of how you only try to look the “good” Starlight does and not the bad.
What you said about Royal Problems is just a crappy excuse, and you know it too.
She used her magic without on the princesses without their approval, which is doing it against their will. You don’t have to outright brainwash someone to do something against their will.
And the funniest thing about it is, you can’t dispute that, you can’t just say it didn’t happen.
Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.

Right About Everything
Ok, I’m going to be slightly unpopular and say that I believe Starlight did nothing wrong in that episode. Luna was right.
The sisters were being childish and ridiculous, and Starlight did the one thing she thought would shock them out of their ignorance about the stresses their sibling worked under. It did exactly that. And there was no brainwashing involved, no stealing of cutie marks, she simply swapped their powersets. No magic is evil by default, she used the resources she gained as a bad guy for good ends.

Ok buddy
The difference with that is that for example: Rainbow Dash didnt accept that tank was going away because she screwed up the weather factory and somehow that evolved into a positive thing while RD was regretting doing it. However with starlight, take A royal problem as an example. When she impoulsivly switch Luna and Celestias marks, it caused “problem”. But oh wee that “problem” just turned out to be exactly the right desicion all along. The entire episode didnt even need to happen. Starlight was right all along and all of the conflict is just the writers trying to force personality into starlight by having her regret it and freak out for no good reason. She didnt listen to twilight at first and literally threw her away into a drawer, and then BOOM, Now shes having nightmares and crying and the whole package. Her personality just cant seem to stay consistent.
But thats not the only example.
Every little thing she does: Starlight brainwashes everyone and messes up the castle, which then is a direct connection to the solution: her cleaning it up with twilights friends.
All bottled up: Starlight bottles all her anger for trixie who doesnt understand what shes doing wrong, which is exactly what fixes everything because its what makes trixie realize shes being an asshole.
Im not saying that it never happens to other characters, im just saying it happens way too nuch with starlight, and thats why i cant force myself to like her. That and that the writers force her into episodes that didnt need her. (They should have kept spike in Fame and misfortune like in the original script)
Duck - I love arguing so much I don't know when to stop!

Real cleaver, but it’s not the same thing as with Starlight.
She never learns her freaking lessons. Lessons which aren’t that complex or incredibly hard to figure out or put into action.
That’s the thing dude. Most people don’t like know it alls, especially when they do things that are either dangerous or like you said, disregarding the wills and or feelings of others.
Duck - I love arguing so much I don't know when to stop!

@Background Pony #5869  
Not learning things makes her a bad character. And yet people constantly defend her as being a good character.
I mean it’s different between her and the Mane 6. The lessons she just can’t seem to learn aren’t the type of lessons that take forever to learn.
Duck - I love arguing so much I don't know when to stop!

I’m not insulting you, I’m calling you out on the fact you’re just trying to keep the focus of Starlight.
You’re all  
“Oh no, someone actually made a point about Starlight I can’t actually counter! I’m for Plan B, avoid the focus of the debate!”
And either way, a character like Starlight shouldn’t be a main character, she never properly learns what she’s taught. And they’re not that complex of lessons to boot.