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Bit of an excerpt from Justice3442's fic Spike Comes to His Senses

… … … have I mentioned I hate Steve'sThorax's colour scheme? Because I really do. He's made entirely out of colours that should only be used as accents! Rarity must go into fits whenever she sees him.

This is pretty quick, the mental image of Spike dressing down Steve Thorax because he doesn't seem to think kidnapping is a big deal wouldn't leave me be.


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@Background Pony #728A
Actually, I do find the original changelings cute, and I obviously find the MLP characters such since I keep frigging drawing them. I just don't particularly find a beetle/elk/ladybug with creepy fucking eyes and a colour scheme that would make a clown go "Dude, you need to stop" with a bland personality particularly endearing. :P
Background Pony #F10C
Before Thorax no changeling besides Chrysalis ever got character development, let alone spoke, so forgive me if the sentence 'Thorax doesn't sound or act like a changeling' seems to lack a sturdy platform. It's basically giving a newly established character negative rep because he doesn't match background characters with no development.

In short, the only trait changelings had before Thorax was, 'we're bad guys'. So all you can actually determine is that 'Thorax isn't evil like other changelings' — which was handled and explained in 'Times They are a Changeling', seeing as that was the whole premise.