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questionable121155 artist:phucknuckl479 rainbow dash279784 anthro359456 unguligrade anthro65249 g42027516 ass81248 bent over5799 breasts390691 butt231047 cameltoe11574 captain morgan8 clothes634013 female1801694 food101231 implied lesbian4742 implied shipping7133 implied twidash234 implied twilight sparkle2680 kitchen2817 nipples242373 nudity512283 offscreen character52231 panties63744 rainbutt dash6508 refrigerator782 she got legs28 solo1425273 stupid sexy rainbow dash4535 thong7688 underwear78790 uniform16556 whipped cream935 wonderbolt trainee uniform1386


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As others hope it wasn’t just beer but whiskey especially jack Daniels are on the bottom shelf of the fridge when the coldest is against the back wall when in rainbow dash’s casewithout panties think she was to be allegedly mooning a crowd while grabbing a bottle.
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I think the question is: Does the fridge come standard with absolutely no shelves, or was that a modification by Twilight? Heh.
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She’s doing it on purpose. No one would bend straight over 90 degrees like that when they could crouch.