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“Fire and cold” Art pack — Part II
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Rarity: Drummer, huh? Think you could do at least two concerts in a row?
Code: Uhm… I never tried, ma'am…
Sunset: It's showtime! Miss Rarity would you help our star to the stage?

1. Well, working on the "Art-Pack" (you call it comics) i understood one important thing. I actually can't handle it to finish them regularly, because i draw arts veeeeeeeery slowly in my opinion (1 art — mostly 1 week, wew). The whole art pack takes me 8-9 weeks of work (7-9 arts) and by the end you just get little bit bored (And I do not like to make people wait). And you can not realize your new arts, because you need to finish comic.
But it does not mean im not gonna finish these two art-pack. I love working on them, but i am afraid in the future there will be no more of them.

2. Having dealt with problems since April, i am now ready to draw regularly, and that means from august on i'm gonna (mostly) be open for commissions stuff (I will report about this in my tubmlr blog). And i have a lot of ideas for YCH. There will be not only X pony fucks Y pony (Which in my opinion, little bit boring), and a lot of fetish stuff, which I hope you will like it.

I hope you enjoy my arts
explicit350362 artist:nevobaster244 rarity181832 sunset shimmer63011 oc684544 oc:code4 pony967421 unicorn323263 alternate hairstyle28092 anatomically correct23942 anus96844 backsack2360 balls76139 bedroom eyes59382 belt5516 black underwear3801 boop7402 bunset shimmer1714 canon x oc24994 carpet935 city4241 clitoris27260 clothes459555 crotchless panties382 dialogue65522 dickboop297 dock49931 drool24775 erection14400 female1362954 fetish39972 fifth leg564 garter belt3648 heart butt198 hind hoofjob431 hoof fetish2473 hoofjob1979 horsecock68483 imminent sex7011 implied sex5965 interior526 lingerie10495 lucky bastard1778 magic73267 makeup21468 male372661 manehattan1016 mare480482 multicolored eyes106 night26344 nudity369975 open mouth145826 panties50224 penis153416 piano1097 piercing41102 plot79034 ponut43699 presenting24065 raised leg7724 raised tail15337 rarislut312 rear view12046 rearity4514 room1177 slutset shimmer196 slutty sunset shimmer59 socks66310 stallion108768 stockings32752 straight136392 tail27783 tail wrap6511 taint5310 teasing3757 thigh highs36316 tongue out103939 underwear60836 virgin874 vulva127754 vulvar winking11861


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Background Pony #F81C
Hope you eventually do some human x pony, love the way you draw rarity

And don't stress yourself out m8 I know when shit gets boring it sucks,hell I got a car restoration I've been procrastinating on for at least a year
Background Pony #F4F4
Too bad these two series' will be it. Nevo has a real talent for quality work and I would gladly wait for a series of pictures to roll out no matter how long it takes. Because this is good stuff.
Background Pony #67A2
Damn hot. I don't think Rarity is leaving anything up to misinterpretation with that hoofbump of hers.