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safe2208527 screencap298761 carrot cake2513 cup cake4987 princess celestia114322 alicorn322119 earth pony519768 pony1638917 a bird in the hoof914 g42063535 animated128332 cup9285 cute270880 cutelestia4339 drinking5296 eyes closed142376 female1842084 food103798 frown37015 gotcha82 grin64544 levitation16540 magic98559 male564198 mare765908 mouth hold24169 nervous8842 open mouth245274 prank1754 sillestia340 silly9027 sipping355 smiling410320 sound17765 squee2139 stallion201769 tea3745 teacup4152 teapot1550 telekinesis39909 trollestia869 webm26776


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@Background Pony #87B2  
As has been said. Trolling does not need to be cruel or harmful to others. Lighthearts trolling would be what pranks are. Now this is the end of the discussion. No more derailing the comments of this image. If you wish to debate the definition of trolling, take it to the Tagging board.  
And due to your removal of the tag from other images immediately after I returned them. We’ll see you tomorrow.
Background Pony #CFF1
irrelevant. trolling is basically nothing but harmful to others in many ways. I see no harm being done here, just pure silliness. i’ll bet if Luna were in Celestas place, none of that trolling would be happening right now, it’d just be passed of as innocent fun like whats happening in the webm above.
Background Pony #CFF1
you clearly have a different view on trolling so here is the definition of trolling: an act of one saying and or doing something to purposely piss someone off.
again, there is no trolling going on here. just a princess pulling a harmless prank. if it were trolling, no one would be very happy here.  
the whole trollestia thing got old as shit before it even began & was never even funny to begin with. just like the tyrant & molestia things, they too are unfunny & insulting to Celestia.
it may have been the moment & whoever finds it funny is moronic but that doesn’t change the fact that it ain’t who Celestia is & sure she’s kind of silly at times but in no way is she a troll.
Background Pony #E10C
I thought trolling specifically involved saying, writing, or doing something in order to enjoy the negative reactions it provoked; what’s the commonly-accepted definition of trolling, then?
And as someone who didn’t pay any attention to the show or its fandom until August 2011, I’ve always seen Celestia’s actions in the first and third episodes given as evidence for the “Trollestia” fanon/headcanon. Is that an instance of post hoc analysis?
Lastly, where is the line going to be drawn regarding tagging episode scenes/screencaps with fanons that they’ve inspired or supported? E.g., should rarijack be applied to this? 
Background Pony #CFF1
@Background Pony #5426 
i will when there is actual trolling going on here. all is happening is a princess having some fun with a harmless prank. trolling would be a harmful “prank” & nobody’s getting hurt, nobodys dying so just calm down & suck it up.