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I don’t even have a better title, it’s already perfect. From the episode of the same name.
This episode did things to me I didn’t know were still possible…
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“This episode did things to me I didn’t know were still possible…”
It did. It really did. I never once could have imagined a kids’ cartoon show about pastel ponies of all things would be capable of… this. Hasbro, what have you done to me? Something must be wrong with me.
I hope they are still alive.
Signs may point to “no,” but I would move Heaven and Earth to bring them back to their family.
… Look at me, getting like this over cartoon characters. From an episode over two years old. Sheesh.
Omnia Vincint Amor.

I love how these 2 had such a pure relationship in the episode that even the raunchiest artists can’t bring themselves to draw porn of them. This was truly the greatest episode.