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“S-sorry, Rainbow Dash…”
You have to feel as frustrated as Rainbow Dash was when her overexcited parents came to fawn over their precious Wonderbolt child.
safe1879461 artist:dm291679 bow hothoof1191 rainbow dash251213 scootaloo53994 shining armor25015 soarin'14749 spitfire14287 windy whistles2347 pegasus364605 pony1225327 unicorn401877 parental glideance1131 backwards cutie mark3984 butt smack46 clothes525539 double facehoof63 embarrassed12771 eyes closed110915 facehoof1850 female1517205 frown26462 funny background event84 grin47960 gritted teeth15105 kiss mark1302 lidded eyes35709 lipstick12895 literal butthurt391 locker room1452 looking down10796 male428110 mare566694 microphone5908 mirror5989 mouth hold19936 nervous6550 on back27708 pain2222 rainbow dash's parents340 raised eyebrow7324 shenanigans34 shipping220111 sitting72988 smiling302663 soarindash5118 spanking2977 spitshine19 spread wings67020 stallion135043 straight151483 tied up6811 towel4168 towel snap30 wide eyes18212 windyhoof321 wings153138 wonderbolts headquarters87


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Background Pony #9B81
Rainbow dash: LEAVE MY BOYFRIEND ALONE DAD YER SO ANNOYING AND EMBARRISING JEEZ walks to soarin Dash: Babe are you alright? Soarin: yeah dashie. Rainbow: Blushing will you feel better when we go to bed soar? i planed alot of you and me in bed baby:)!!! soarin : yesssss!!!! ok lets go and have SEX!!!!!!!!. I love my diolouge i just really love my OTP soarindash shipped it since i was 5 im 13 now
Posted Report

With the few has questions as to what shining armor and spitfire are doing in the next room when scootaloo and rainbow dash didn’t want to watch bow hot-hoof towel snap soarin in the butt.
Background Pony #BD40
From the thumbnail, it looked like Shining was covered in kiss marks, implying he was macking on Spitfire.