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safe1614974 artist:vector-brony704 big macintosh27080 discord29476 pinkie pie207384 rainbow dash223978 spike75732 squizard36 draconequus9868 dragon50872 earth pony215695 pegasus257032 pony882567 skeleton pony310 unicorn284956 dungeons and discords704 absurd resolution64278 armor22327 arrow1956 bard248 bard pie74 blast608 bomb586 bone2809 bow (weapon)1327 bow and arrow892 captain wuzz94 clothes425697 d2074 dungeons and dragons1203 fantasy class1430 female1285543 garbuncle93 hat79475 levitation11142 magic68409 magic beam310 magic blast963 magic staff72 male343598 mare439177 mouth hold15986 ogres and oubliettes275 parsnip24 quiver158 race swap13408 rainbow rogue85 rearing5272 rogue175 roleplaying512 shield2047 simple background360907 sir mcbiggen103 skeleton1787 stallion97755 telekinesis25621 transparent background186987 unicorn big mac116 vector72633 wall of tags2650 weapon28420 wizard612 wizard hat872


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