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Oh, I had such an urge to present my opinion of all these Flash haters loud so here it is.

I’m disgusted by the hatred you guys raise against this pony. Everyone has some ponies they are not fond of but NOPONY received as much hatred as Flash. And why? Is there a moral frail of his that makes you want him burn? No, nope. We are just a bit selfish, aren’t we…? We don’t like to see somepony possibly stealing our waifu… "Death to Flash!" "Burn him to ashes!" Excuse me? Did I hear that coming from bronies? Those guys proud of themselves for being full of that "Love and Tolerate"? No, sorry. If this is what defines a brony, then you haters ARE NOT bronies. A true brony would not hate a pony from his favorite show, a pony that did nothing wrong… A brony could NOT hate a pony, don’t you think? Dislike, yes. But not hate and wish him death. Those gifted with at least some level of intelligence see this as a very, very low and despicable, damaging the picture of pony fans. Whether they are fans themselves or not.

I’m not that super excited about every Derpy appearance, nor do I stare at Luna with endless admiration like the majority of you. Lyra, Bonbon, Dr. Whooves or Octavia are utterly boring to me. I’m sick of seeing RD shipped with Fluttershy because I don’t see RD a lesbian just because she’s a tomboy. And you see… do I hate Derpy? Do I hate Luna? Or the others? No, I don’t. I still consider Shining Armor a fashion accessory for Cadance with no real character but I don’t wish him death. I think Flim Flam or Diamond Tiara are worth a couple of slaps but there can’t be only good characters in the show, can they? And the fact we don’t like everypony is actually a sign of good character diversity.

You can see teen girls fighting in teams for their prefered male character from a romance show. But that’s teen + girls. Those romance shows are kind of… meant to force them to choose. And I’ve never ever met a teen girl that would hate the other side as much as you poor hurt selfxtwilight shipping "bronies". Shame on you!

So wake up and start working on the picture of bronies and don’t hurt it by this hypocrisy.


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The thought that Bronies are invested in characters for their personality is just as laughable as Love and Tolerance. All that is required for MLP characters to become fan-favorites is for them to be females, and relatively pretty
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I refer you to my previously shared link:
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First off, if you seriously believe in "love and tolerance", you’re an idiot.

Second, hating Flash for waifu stealing? Other than that sounding as stupid as love and tolerance, I don’t like him since he’s pretty much devoid of any personality.
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I noticed the "Op has a point" tag is gone, so I’m guessing OP tagged that himself.

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I don’t hate Flash Sentry however I do hate the concept of love and tolerance not in theory but more in practice. It doesn’t work. In fact I’ve noticed the more people say they aspire to love and tolerance the more intolerant they behave.

So how about instead not concerning yourself with how the group as a whole is perceived and instead get on with your life. I honestly couldn’t really give a damn how bronies are perceived. That isn’t my problem.

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Boggles the mind how that excuse for trolling with ponies on 4chan is still taken seriously. "Love and tolerate" has always been a joke.
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