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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full You know what this rag tag team of Major Miners need??
full A holographic simulation deck to put them in fr3&kin’ real-life-or-death scenarios like this one!!
Marble and Limestone Pie: >>1072014 and >>1072013
Thief: MLP OC : Sparking Gem by KawaiiCaniball
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safe2154519 artist:meiyeezhu341 limestone pie6138 marble pie8197 oc936474 oc:sparking gem1 human240761 g42007218 air kick4 anime7503 arena125 armed5 baseball bat1520 begging1279 breasts385261 brick wall933 busty marble pie978 chopping20 cinder block23 clothes625682 club (weapon)106 comic134143 contradiction25 coward54 crime131 criminal119 crying54959 disarmed5 fanart2596 fangs39255 female1781291 fight7387 fingerless gloves6608 gloves29585 high kick59 horns10699 humanized118143 jumping4542 karate282 kick888 kicking2656 kneeling13005 knife7076 knockout116 leg warmers3571 major miners20 marble42 martial arts538 mugging24 nail144 old master q505 open-chest sweater582 out of character1240 praying234 reference5399 ripped pants903 rock6139 sad31141 scared14134 skirt54619 slam110 spiked club42 stockings47695 super strength201 sweater19322 thief417 thigh highs58235 torn clothes6828 traditional art141703 training472 unexpected189