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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
fullfull If this was put on a romantic love card for a MILF, this following caption would be added: fullfull
fullfull May I be your daddy within your bedroom AND your family photo album?? fullfull
full Happy Heart’s and Hooves Day!! full
Zephyr Breeze Design: >>1214891
Button Mash Design: >>894296
Button’s Mom (Elaina) Design: >>833941
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safe2172685 artist:meiyeezhu341 button mash4818 zephyr breeze2994 oc946727 oc:cream heart3016 human245075 g42027199 angry36613 anime7566 backfire74 beanie4870 big breasts125568 blushing273771 breasts390542 broken glass350 broken window189 busty cream heart1061 button's mom has got it going on35 child2527 clothes633786 comic135284 crocs107 crying55400 damaged166 dark skin8678 exclamation point5661 female1800965 five o'clock shadow86 hat124103 heart76237 hearts and hooves day2911 high heels17158 hoodie20596 house3471 humanized119493 in love471 interrobang1283 karma405 literal butthurt506 male550185 man bun73 microsoft372 old master q506 pain2777 parody17468 pleated skirt4509 ponyville7838 punishment1454 question mark6722 shocked10118 shoes59314 shorts19585 skirt55485 smiling396918 spanking3381 surprised12780 sweater19556 traditional art142995 unexpected189 upset1654 valentine's day5262 wifebeater42 window13990