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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
fullfull If this was put on a romantic love card for a MILF, this following caption would be added: fullfull
fullfull May I be your daddy within your bedroom AND your family photo album?? fullfull
full Happy Heart’s and Hooves Day!! full
Zephyr Breeze Design: >>1214891
Button Mash Design: >>894296
Button’s Mom (Elaina) Design: >>833941
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safe1752417 artist:meiyeezhu332 button mash4153 zephyr breeze2463 oc712811 oc:cream heart2427 human159088 angry28113 anime5689 backfire60 beanie3844 big breasts86185 blushing204944 breasts289108 broken glass248 broken window145 busty cream heart674 button's mom has got it going on30 child2006 clothes476600 comic111576 crocs36 crying44885 damaged115 dark skin4795 exclamation point3972 female1403592 five o'clock shadow64 hat90518 heart50091 hearts and hooves day2165 high heels11798 hoodie14986 house2364 humanized101994 in love271 interrobang984 karma248 literal butthurt365 male388625 man bun58 microsoft288 old master q500 pain2062 parody15788 pleated skirt4076 ponyville6089 punishment909 question mark4708 shocked7265 shoes38792 shorts14553 skirt41119 smiling261611 spanking2778 surprised9601 sweater14940 traditional art120398 unexpected137 upset1237 valentine's day3606 wifebeater36 window8954


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