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safe1678960 artist:jargon scott2284 princess cadance32312 alicorn219169 pony941426 semi-anthro13033 cadance's pizza delivery43 cap4252 clothes449660 couch7971 empty eyes554 female1338352 floppy ears50823 food68365 frown22479 hat84550 heart47211 hoodie13767 hoof hold8131 mare467609 meat1841 no catchlights535 no pupils3906 peetzer118 pepperoni429 pepperoni pizza414 picture1259 pillow17479 pizza1891 pizza box316 sad24173 simple background384428 sitting61549 solo1045266 sweater14228 that pony sure does love pizza117


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The Cynical Art Critic
Cadence is having an existential crisis because she just realized that theres meat on pizza. And she is in fact, made of meat. And the meat is made of not only pigs, but also cows. A species we know for a fact they can talk with.

The horror…