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safe1767016 artist:jargon scott2604 princess cadance33362 alicorn235629 pony1026908 semi-anthro13715 cadance's pizza delivery43 cap4895 clothes481573 couch8828 empty eyes581 female1416120 floppy ears55355 food73966 frown23852 hat91756 heart50660 hoodie15260 hoof hold8787 mare509617 meat1988 no catchlights578 no pupils4271 peetzer124 pepperoni433 pepperoni pizza418 picture1378 pillow18877 pizza2033 pizza box341 sad25336 simple background414457 sitting66368 solo1106321 sweater15061 that pony sure does love pizza124


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The Cynical Art Critic
Cadence is having an existential crisis because she just realized that theres meat on pizza. And she is in fact, made of meat. And the meat is made of not only pigs, but also cows. A species we know for a fact they can talk with.
The horror…