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safe1707648 artist:slb941136 rainbow dash234086 pegasus292281 pony968786 absurd resolution66250 blushing197860 bow28677 c:1206 clothes460088 cute199989 dashabetes9256 female1364261 girly1258 hair bow15605 looking back57501 mare481244 simple background393897 smiling248833 socks66410 solo1065070 striped socks21419 tomboy taming379 transparent background202540 vector76936


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Little Ribbon
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Pinks are a good color set for her to wear. They match her eyes and the blush she gets when she knows she's a cutie-patootie. Big bows look good on her too

I like Dash in girly colours because she actually does fit them despite her tomboyish personality. Oh and the fact she's so cute with them as well <3