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safe2210921 artist:racoonsan662 sunset shimmer80462 human254679 equestria girls260487 g42065569 2017785 alcohol10399 bare shoulders6572 bedroom eyes84314 champagne544 champagne glass222 choker22253 christmas21209 christmas tree6470 clothes650843 cute271247 eyeshadow31921 female1844973 full body8235 grin64670 happy new year1854 happy new year 201790 high heels17774 holiday35569 humanized121589 looking at you268346 makeup42638 nail polish12027 new year1280 off shoulder1737 present9000 schrödinger's pantsu597 seductive look4219 sitting95490 smiling411324 socks98102 solo1456445 striped socks28874 stupid sexy sunset shimmer1708 thigh highs61953 thigh socks1037 tree51261 wine3625 zettai ryouiki2302


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is he alive?
I’m not going to dignify that joke with a response. *Does this count as a response? crap…*
I know it, man; I know it all too well.
Background Pony #F173
Usually, I don’t really like humanized stuff, but racoonsan’s art is an exception. Awesome picture! Sunset is looking gorgeous.