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safe1722918 artist:racoonsan555 sunset shimmer63640 human156267 equestria girls202626 2017412 alcohol7269 bare shoulders2663 bedroom eyes60102 champagne370 champagne glass90 choker12361 christmas14086 christmas tree4175 clothes465598 eyeshadow15982 female1377692 full body2272 grin39400 happy new year1152 happy new year 201790 high heels11422 holiday20283 humanized100707 looking at you171394 makeup21966 nail polish7900 new year1033 off shoulder1306 present6020 seductive look1317 sitting64140 smiling253157 socks67230 solo1075349 striped socks21614 stupid sexy sunset shimmer921 thigh highs37047 tree32723 wine2599 zettai ryouiki1904


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is he alive?
I'm not going to dignify that joke with a response. Does this count as a response? crap…

I know it, man; I know it all too well.
Background Pony #F173
Usually, I don't really like humanized stuff, but racoonsan's art is an exception. Awesome picture! Sunset is looking gorgeous.