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Season 5 Fanmade Poster Made Back In 2015
safe (1442441)artist:chevistian (11)edit (100979)angel bunny (8709)apple bloom (43991)applejack (149186)arimaspi (85)berry punch (5819)berryshine (5816)big macintosh (25449)bittersweet (character) (73)bon bon (14772)booksmart (27)braeburn (5699)bulk biceps (3041)clear skies (125)coco pommel (5117)coloratura (2507)derpy hooves (46113)diamond tiara (9138)discord (26947)dj pon-3 (26829)doctor whooves (9589)double diamond (1476)fluffy clouds (61)fluttershy (185688)gilda (8598)greta (383)honey lemon (75)leadwing (80)lemon hearts (1767)lily (1637)lily valley (1640)limestone pie (4379)lyra heartstrings (26311)marble pie (5645)march gustysnows (216)maud pie (11175)max raid (39)minuette (5057)moondancer (3893)moondancer's sister (47)morning roast (47)night glider (1176)octavia melody (21129)open skies (94)party favor (1318)pinkie pie (190506)prince rutherford (638)princess cadance (28373)princess celestia (84298)princess luna (88595)rainbow dash (205472)rarity (159021)sassy saddles (853)scootaloo (46887)sheriff silverstar (219)shining armor (20266)silver spoon (5872)smooze (803)spike (69307)spitfire (12130)spoiled rich (876)starlight glimmer (38749)stormy flare (183)sugar belle (2416)sunshower (139)sweetie belle (44160)sweetie drops (14761)tantabus (413)time turner (9579)tree hugger (2477)tropical dream (68)trouble shoes (902)twilight sparkle (262989)twinkleshine (1806)vinyl scratch (30923)whoa nelly (211)oc (531484)alicorn (166806)bugbear (175)draconequus (6442)dragon (38872)earth pony (153009)griffon (21617)pegasus (192648)pony (710687)twittermite (146)unicorn (209242)yak (3204)yeti (183)season 5 (574)calf (63)cloud (28781)cloven hooves (7504)crossdressing (7648)cutie mark (34455)cutie mark crusaders (16401)dragons riding ponies (361)ethereal mane (4836)female (772514)filly (51351)horn ring (4426)male (262133)mane six (26816)mare (343099)my little pony logo (3091)orchard blossom (210)pest control pony (37)riding (4248)stallion (74587)standing on cloud (111)the cmc's cutie marks (4214)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (103729)wacky waving inflatable tube pony (48)wall of tags (1843)yak calf (38)

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