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safe2155351 screencap294095 applejack198849 arista220 clypeus224 cornicle253 discord37304 fluttershy256188 frenulum (g4)217 lokiax166 pinkie pie253724 princess cadance39549 princess celestia111878 princess flurry heart9452 princess luna116313 rainbow dash277460 rarity215916 shining armor27701 soupling186 spike91867 starlight glimmer59374 thorax5433 trixie78981 twilight sparkle354846 alicorn310309 changedling11325 changeling65156 draconequus20045 earth pony438260 pegasus488384 pony1583287 unicorn529253 g42008157 to where and back again3066 alicorn pentarchy140 butt227002 changeling king460 cocoon816 ethereal mane13167 female1782126 filly96269 foal42933 king thorax3713 male543461 mane seven7824 mane six37338 mare728836 plot141213 stallion191882 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148100


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