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safe1555481 screencap195213 applejack157253 cornicle102 discord28436 fluttershy195773 pinkie pie201374 princess cadance30127 princess celestia89040 princess flurry heart6143 princess luna93136 rainbow dash217205 rarity167913 shining armor21561 spike74209 starlight glimmer42976 thorax3944 trixie61190 twilight sparkle279822 alicorn190967 changedling7105 changeling39042 draconequus8594 earth pony190460 pegasus232390 pony826586 unicorn257540 to where and back again2496 alicorn pentarchy91 changeling king328 cocoon592 ethereal mane6249 female879595 filly58438 foal14649 king thorax2558 male299091 mane seven5849 mane six28995 mare404225 stallion90360 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113733


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