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safe (1411405)artist:conikiblasu-fan (302)crystal hoof (110)princess flurry heart (5434)queen chrysalis (28858)spike (67267)starlight glimmer (37225)sunburst (4588)thorax (3477)equestria girls (157119)the times they are a changeling (847)absurd res (61011)auntie starlight (13)boots (15783)cape (7393)changeling (31629)changeling larva (135)clothes (349945)crystal empire (1770)disguise (3026)disguised changeling (1740)dog (7294)dress (34474)equestria girls-ified (7085)fishnets (3906)garters (2148)glasses (46186)goatee (1051)hat (63219)high heel boots (4371)high heels (7972)mirror (4022)mommy chrissy (228)open mouth (102194)pants (9544)plushie (19518)rarity plushie (178)reflection (2428)shoes (23454)side slit (1016)skirt (31088)spike the dog (2259)stockings (25013)sunglasses (11265)uncle sunburst (46)


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Karackas's avatar
Changeling Guard-Consort
As cute as the dog outfit is, he really should have been a human from the start. Especially for scenarios like this.
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Background Pony #1F96
Chrysalis quickly regretted starting a cloning experiment as a high school science project…
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