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safe1586263 artist:conikiblasu-fan318 crystal hoof110 princess flurry heart6377 queen chrysalis32701 spike74446 starlight glimmer44575 sunburst5948 thorax3999 changeling41258 changeling larva171 dog8533 equestria girls182888 the times they are a changeling876 absurd resolution63677 auntie starlight14 boots19282 cape9237 clothes414592 crystal empire2067 disguise4041 disguised changeling2318 dress40134 equestria girls-ified8682 fishnets4654 garters2523 glasses55205 goatee1300 hat77215 help me137 high heel boots4902 high heels9662 mirror4775 mommy chrissy265 open mouth125283 pants12548 plushie22149 rarity plushie190 reflection2884 shoes31011 side slit1249 skirt36137 spike the dog2484 stockings28965 sunglasses13167 thousand yard stare653 uncle sunburst46


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9 comments posted

Changeling Guard-Consort
As cute as the dog outfit is, he really should have been a human from the start. Especially for scenarios like this.
Background Pony #6D6A
Chrysalis quickly regretted starting a cloning experiment as a high school science project…