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safe1900429 artist:evehly823 fluttershy231575 princess celestia102385 rainbow dash253301 twilight sparkle324690 alicorn260878 bird10642 bird pone255 duck pony309 pony1248004 swan155 :<1276 :c659 :t4129 backwards cutie mark4021 behaving like a bird673 behaving like a duck86 behaving like a goose3 birb348 bird bath79 chest fluff49654 colored wings8853 colored wingtips1889 comic119817 confused5461 crown22839 crying48582 cute225652 derp7454 ducklestia20 ear piercing33332 english1233 eyes closed113254 female1537298 fleeing84 flying44573 frightened330 frown27014 gooselestia12 gradient wings1057 grass11840 honk131 interrupted168 jewelry84132 lake1756 majestic as fuck1388 mare578509 multicolored wings3589 needs a fanfiction2 noise114 one eye closed37846 onomatopoeia5865 open mouth183780 outdoors14755 piercing50374 pond974 prone29454 pun8101 quack244 question mark5384 rainbow wings741 regalia27067 resting603 roleplaying578 sillestia316 silly7974 silly pony3189 sitting74338 smiling309561 spread wings69080 sunbutt4739 surprised10684 swanlestia143 swimming2838 teary eyes5288 tongue out121866 tongue piercing1203 tree38720 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134726 two toned wings4476 wall of tags5052 wat20361 weapons-grade cute4126 wide eyes18350 wings158634 wink28572 zip lines61


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@Background Pony #8226  
as those hope when flutter-shy and rainbow were trying to be songbirds until princess celesta was a Canada goose when she came out of the water when those wonder if flutter-shy had turned the water in the birdbath a choice of yellow or brown.
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Background Pony #1F44
It’s all adorable until the ponies leave a gift for you in the birb bath.
Background Pony #D99B
well, gooses are one of the biggest birds, and they are usually white, so celi is more fit than the others to be the goose