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safe1679379 artist:yakovlev-vad486 sunset shimmer61854 pony941764 unicorn312084 banner1960 bedroom eyes58113 chair6632 chest fluff37661 cute195752 ear fluff28312 featured image868 female1338745 floppy ears50845 fluffy13926 grin37192 looking at you163620 mare467813 paint tool sai1095 pillow17484 praise the sunset32 prone25033 royalty1173 shimmerbetes4304 signature23421 smiling241028 smirk12174 smugset shimmer157 solo1045511 throne3071


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Entry Of The Chameleons
I know I'm not too fond of Sunset, but I gotta say… my, she was better off as a queen than as a measly student at a crummy public high school; she definitely deserves better.
sorry for the upcoming shitposting.

no. not a princess, a queen.

nope, she's not just the Princess of Equestria — she's also the new overlord of the cosmos!

@Background Pony #FBBE
you're both wrong! it's applebeans!

maybe, but she be more likely to be Best Poni.

no, no, no, you're gettin' this all wrong. she's our queen, don't you see?

yes I'm mad… mad for Bacon Queen. 😈🥓🥓

exactly! 😁

@Princess Trixie vi Equestria
…and definitely the best Sunset Shimmer draw in all of Derpi! 😍😉

but you already do, Your Highness. 😌

@Background Pony #9194
nah, she just stepped down as princess and had Sunset succeed her.

I guess no one can resist her floofiness, after all. 🤗😄


@Magic Nova
you got that right. 😉

so cozy and cuddling, ain't it? 😏

@Princess Trixie vi Equestria

aww, come on. but she's a pretty pone, isn't she? please say yes. 😟😯

@Fanfic Queen
tiem to cuddle the Bacon Poni. 🤩😚🥓🥓🥓