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explicit478770 grimdark30904 artist:shinodage1119 oc959833 oc only698669 oc:littlepip5285 pony1627670 unicorn549413 fallout equestria23338 anal37461 bed59015 bondage47125 boots34135 butt235775 clothes644515 creampie46359 cuffs6535 cum107072 doggy style10507 face down ass up11645 fanfic11418 fanfic art18855 female1828545 floppy ears74077 from behind18840 high res409198 hooves26541 horn203453 horn ring7822 horsecock101073 jumpsuit5692 magic suppression5107 male559278 maledom7038 mare757807 mounting1214 nudity520410 on bed8594 open mouth242572 penetration90220 penis216794 pipbuck4434 plot147160 raider1096 raised tail25597 rape9181 sex174593 sex slave1607 shackles2515 slave3920 spread legs31168 spreader bar2849 spreading32622 straight181728 tail106703 teeth22775 tongue out149671 torn clothes7104 vault suit4448


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Background Pony #4C09
@Communist Starlight  
It would actually be nice to describe her initial capture, him bringing her to the raider camp, maybe showing his adorasexy little captive off in front of his buddies?
Castellan Fyor
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Non-Fungible Trixie -

For the Emperor!
So, this has been a really long thread and I read it all. Someone was asking for fanfiction? I’m a decent writer. I won’t even charge a dime. Clopfic, though…
Someone mentioned ban hammer? Who’s a tf2 nerd now.
Lot’s of moderators. Higher powers make me nervous.