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Color-up of >>1100318 and a still from >>1009855

safe2154586 artist:bri-sta501 artist:wodahseht103 princess celestia111841 twilight sparkle354726 alicorn310164 pony1582558 unicorn528881 g42007273 :p14123 absurd resolution67072 active stretch275 behaving like a dog1701 cute263265 cutelestia4257 duo164543 eyes closed137074 female1781340 filly96224 filly twilight sparkle3421 floppy ears71915 fluffy19258 mare728364 missing accessory10104 one ear down1398 scratching592 sillestia334 sitting90769 smiling389982 tongue out144938 twiabetes15180 twilight dog69 unicorn twilight32414 unshorn fetlocks45188


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Master Fox

Well I’m not quite sure if this is behaving like a dog. I mean twilight looks more like she’s trying to groom herself like a kitty cat and Cats do scratch like that too.