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Oh Twilight… Sooo what about them books, huh? Because I felt like I was being driven crazy. Painting details is cool and all, but this had to be made in little doses. Well, at least now I know how to paint a book spine! I won’t even mention how long this took me as I had it sketched before season 5 aired and I redid it all at a later date. Still need to work on them crystals.
So there it is - my take on the library.
I better not even say I’m finally back because I don’t trust myself…
safe1753915 artist:devinian42 night light2415 owlowiscious2014 spike80589 twilight sparkle306553 twilight velvet4471 alicorn233420 bird8819 owl1199 pony1013580 absurd resolution67051 armillary sphere5 book34618 bookshelf3808 chair7123 clothes477008 crystal2728 detailed806 female1404771 flying39513 globe325 golden oaks library5238 hoof shoes5795 ladder792 lamp2776 levitation12599 library3293 luxury10 magic75546 magic circle818 mare503616 necklace20633 painting3794 pillar359 princess shoes148 quill2761 railing204 scenery8251 scenery porn870 scroll3481 sitting65714 stairs1721 statue2405 technically advanced105 telekinesis28803 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126329 twilight's castle4102 twilight's castle library332 window8962


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I am unable to put to words how amazed I am by the level of detail on this one. I have been staing for several tens of minutes and can’t get myself to stop. This, dear sir, is what I call art.
Background Pony #948E
This is how I picture twilight in the future after Starlight moves on. She would becom the new headmistresses of either her own school or Celestia’s.
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
Upon first entering the Royal Magical Library, Princess Twilight Sparkle gazed about herself in silent awe for several long minutes, before finally turning to her closest companion and saying…
Princess Twilight Sparkle: Spike, my first order of business…  
Spike: Yeah Twilight?  
Princess Twilight Sparkle: …get my throne moved in here. This is going to be a much more fitting throne room for me! =^_^=
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
I know what you mean, right? I would love to live in a library like this, it would be my dream home. But to do that, I’d first have to take Spike’s place as Princess Twiley’s number one assistant… xD
This is the most beautiful kind of scenery porn ever. All those books… =^_^=
Artist -

The place for these kinds of pictures is over on Deviantart. They get 5x the attention over there, oftentimes. People must just come to Derpibooru looking for porn, or something…

Arts like this truly deserve 1000+ upvotes, but instead, the ones who get lots of upvotes are mostly average quality porn…
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The Pony Archive Owner
This is gorgeous. I hope this artist continues making pieces of this quality. If pieces like this are done on a one for one basis with physical mediums it would be worth hundreds to thousands of dollars. Serious talent here.