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IDW (licensed) tier licensed comics. Not including comics like Jurrassic Park, Doctor Who, and Silent Hill since IDW has lost those licenses (though they were shit)
safe1555511 idw14139 applejack157256 fluttershy195776 pinkie pie201378 princess celestia89040 princess luna93136 rainbow dash217209 rarity167916 spike74210 twilight sparkle279828 alicorn190970 kaiju1395 pony826609 back to the future377 barely pony related5720 comic book625 comic drama113 comics240 drama3044 dungeons and dragons1192 ghostbusters298 gigan49 godzilla887 godzilla (series)1508 godzilla: rulers of the earth26 idw drama71 judge dredd70 kiryu (godzilla series)16 leonardo101 mane seven5849 mane six28996 meta15889 metal gear solid360 op is a duck4098 op is trying to start shit2702 opinion304 optimus prime934 raphael101 rodan89 samurai jack260 shitposting1204 teenage mutant ninja turtles535 tier rating2 transformers3373 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113735


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Background Pony #7E9D
@Background Pony #D2F4
I think it's because they're each a different spin on a franchise. The IDW TMNT is a reboot of the original series and with Godzilla they're allowed to be as creative as they can (with Toho's permission of course) whereas MLP:FIM they have to follow it as close to the show bible as possible.
Background Pony #7C62
Expected another 'Ia! Ia! Curnow Fhtagn!',turns out the comic is merely listed as average….
Eh,fair enough
Background Pony #85AD
The comics being listed as "average" is the biggest compliment in regards to the comics I've seen in the past 2 years on this site.

Also, somebody sure loves the 1980s.
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I still don't get how Bobby Curnow is the editor for both the TMNT and Godzilla comics yet he seems to put a lot more effort in those…