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Ghost of Zeon

Really? Tactically it’s great advantage you and another foe hit the water it responds to you like a water bed but they fall in. The come up only to find you dry and not needing to waste time and energy swimming you reach down and push him them back under and just wait. Also flying is fun but some time way to visible. Also if I became a Pegasus I dance on water at every signal Christian church that as a body of water in sight of it singing “I can walk on water I can fly” lol

Idiotic question.  
Undefineable choices. (Comments below prove the point)  
Assumptions outweigh facts.  
Mud Ponies? Pejorative. Fuck you.

Griffon at large
Walking or standing on water (as opposed to clouds) would make resting while flying over open water much more practical. You wouldn’t need to find a cloud, just land.
One thought I’ve had about cloud-walking: Would it work on ground fog?
Ghost of Zeon

@Background Pony #08AF  
Another thing is all Equestrian races have magic. And if one studies they can become vary powerful. Clouds are water vapor and dust, there for through some training and mental disaplen to walk on water. Same with triggering rain and lightning witch in principle, is just triggering pent of static charges in clouds, and lightning can be fired by using ones own static and the static in the air to generate lightning.
The earth pony also has passive magic make the more durable and increase strength with conviction. Like when some times pinkie or aj are shown just struggle with something but others they well knock the bell right of the tower. Also earth ponies eating rocks? That means they match if not close to dragons in digestive strength. This would indicate that there passive magic increases there physical strength and Faust said the have a link to the earth they are named for to grow plants and by the pie family rocks/ore. This if trained or studied they could use earth and plants like geomancy or herbmancy.
You also left out diamond dogs.
Background Pony #2E49
-Earth Ponies: Even normal earth ponies are canonically more hearty than other types of Ponies, usually physically better conditioned. Included with the Earth Pony package is also innate abilities for working with the earth, making this the better choice for folks who indeed like jobs like farming and such. Even normal Earth Ponies are no joke, and even if the average earth ponies may be no Big Mac, a lot of that could also be something you could build to being close to.
I agree with the part of about their innate ability to work with the earth, but I don’t think the strength part is such a big deal. So far only the Apple family seems somewhat impressive in this regard and even then its not as extreme as with the “special” members of the other 2 races.
For Earth Ponies, the special case seems to be Big Mac and while most people remember his house-pulling feat, the fact that later on he had a lot of trouble lifting a stove for me suggests that the love spell he and Cherilee were under had the side-effect of making them especially hard to restrain/stop by virtue of being driven by love/magic/etc, greatly increasing their strength. In short, while Earth Ponies are physically stronger than the other 2 pony races, its not to a point where it represents an advantage in the same scale as wings and magic.
@Blood Brandy  
-Pegasus: You forgot the ability to manipulate the weather and walk on clouds as if they were solid. And, while their abilities may not reach the extremes of Rainbow Dash, many abilities can be used to a much lessor degree. While you may not make a major tonado on your own, why not just have fun with the whirlwind?
I didn’t consider the ability to walk on clouds (though maybe I should’ve) because as seen on the May the Best Pet Win song, this is something every winged creature can do, not just Pegasi and Griffins. About the weather control, a single normal Pegasus doesn’t seem to be capable of doing much more than moving around clouds and creating minor currents. If you’re not Rainbowdash, then you need a large number of Pegasi to pull off the bigger stuff.
I’m not trying to dimish this, I’m just saying that one should consider the limits a single normal member of a species can reach, in a world full of mythical creatures, before deciding what one would like to be. If your capabilities as an individual doesn’t matter that much to you (rather than your place in society) then well, I agree the things one should focus on are different.
@Blood Brandy  
-Unicorn: You may not be the second coming of Sparkle, but there’s no reason, again, you can’t better yourself. We already see that the Ponyville Library has books on magic for unicorns. You may not be casting archmage level magic, but the only reason you couldn’t learn new spells is if you were too lazy to dust off your reading glasses.
The thing is there really isn’t much evidence to say any Unicorn can just learn any sort of spells by studying them. We’ve only seen the “magic-talent” type of Unicorn do this sort of thing, where they “improve” by studying.
Twilight is the most notable case, but even Sunset and Starlight have been described to belong to this group. Unicorns whose talent is magic. I actually think only these Unicorns have the ability to lean whatever spell they want, as well as to push their magic power beyond the scope of what normal Unicorns are capable of.
Note: For me this is actually one of the things that makes this show interesting. Ponies in general aren’t supposed to be capable of insane feats that allow them to keep up with bigger threats by clashing directly with them. There are special cases but they are not the norm, and the normal members are akin to regular people where their abilities are suffifient for a day-by-day context, but anyone can’t just magically pull off super hero stuff by “improving”, studying, working out a little with their talents. It makes for more interesting solutions (not talking about season premieres/finales where its always up to some magical artifact) for the more dangerous problems…rather than just being all Powerpuff Girls and punching their way out of trouble… :(  
Magic artifacts aside, the strength of the Pony race comes from its numbers and unity. Not individual capability.

@Blood Brandy  
-Crystal Ponies: Crystal Ponies come in all three of the same flavors as normal Ponies, I think, so they have the same ups and downs. I think their only difference is the shinyness, which seems effected by their mood sometimes.
Mmm, I could’ve sworn we’ve only seen Earth Pony versions of the Crystal Ponies, but I can be mistaken. Thanks for the correction. And yes as far as I know the only difference is the shinyness.
@Blood Brandy  
-Griffin: Again, they are also able to use clouds as platforms like Pegasi (Haven’t seen them manipulate them for weather like Ponies, but it’s still a plus). And again, the OP just says what you are, not where you have to live (Except for Changelings). We already know Griffons live in Equestria, so there’s no reason you couldn’t live somewhere besides the Griffon homeland. And just because Gilda had issues doesn’t mean all are. Gustav seemed to get along well once the ‘Mystery’ of the missing cake was solved.
Like I said before, I didn’t put much emphasis on the cloud-walking thing because it seems in the MLP world any creature with wings can do it. You could ignore these races, choose to be a talking parrot instead, and still be capable of doing it :P
And yes, I did mention in my previous post how even though the current state of the Griffon country could be a downside, nothing forces you to live there at all (unless the is a monetary/career requirement to leave, but idk). You could simply go and live with Ponies in Equestria. Like I said said though, even though you’ll be accepted, there’ll always be the fact that you’re a lion/eagle thing in a world of little horses. Now I’m not saying being different is a bad thing at all, but I’m sure there’s some people out there who’d rather choose the ability to fit in perfectly rather than having some physical advantages. This is why I said one should consider everything.
(I seem to be taking a topic about choosing a nonexistant, mythical race far too seriously, but like I said, its very interesting for me).
@Blood Brandy  
-Dragons: All I’ll say here is we have a very narrow view of Dragons so far. All we can judge on in the show is a couple of adults living alone and some crappy teenagers.
I’m going by what we’ve seen in the show so far. It may be narrow or it might be spot on for their entire race (or most of it). Impossible to say. We haven’t seen that many dragons compared to the other races because the way these creatures are, and how difficult it is to approach them, but from what we’ve seen all Dragons so far seem to share these traits. This might not be the case with ALL dragons and we might see some who are different later on, but so far that’s how they are. I’d rather we do not bring possible headcanons into the mix.
@Blood Brandy  
The comics seem to show a much greater span of Dragon society, though, even them having their own district in Fillydelphia. While they do have issues with some folks judging them prematurely, they have just as much variance in personality as ponies do, and can be quite friendly and heroic.
I’m afraid I don’t consider anything that happened or was stated about dragons in that issue to be remotely canon in any way. There being an entire society of them living in a major pony city makes 0 sense and completely shatters what little lore we have on these creatures. It was a forced idea used to tell a forced story, but I at least don’t consider it legit background for this species. The comics have always only been semi-canon at best, and when something like this happens, for me its just a non-factor.
Now don’t misunderstand, I’m fully expecting the show to bring in some nice/benevolent dragons anytime now (Im’ actually hoping for it) but I’m waiting for it to do it in its own terms. Terms that follow what they’ve stated and shown about dragons so far. Dragon-district in Fillydelphia? Ugh…
@Somber Star  
After all, as is indicated by Starlight’s having never seen her foalhood coltfriend (who was sent to said school) again despite eventually being powerful enough to challenge alicorn Twilight, she got where she was through effort and she was born potentially absent of talent.
Both the staff and Twilight herself near the end confirmed Starlight has immense magical talent and power.  
In fact, it might even be greater than Twilight’s own, not counting her Alicorn-transformation.  
Considering everything we’ve seen during these past 5 Seasons, you can’t do stuff like that with effort alone.
It might not be the answer we wanted, but fact is even in MLP effort alone only goes so far. Your cutiemark/ talent/destiny makes the bigger impact. A “gifted unicorn” is most likely one that either has a magic-specific cutiemark, or a “gifted” intellect to learn things outside of their specific talent by extensive studying. The latter however, is completely different from having the immense power/talent than only a very select few are born with, and what allows them to do the crazier stuff (beams, teleportation, time-travel, etc).
Somber Star
Whatever bird that's dumber than a duck. Imagine I made the effort to research that and make a new badge for it. - Either a complete retard or a full time moron, it's hard to tell which and frankly I don't care either way

Actually about this Starlight being an example of effort. I’m not sure that’s the case because Jim said himself that she has a talent for magic apparently as well.
Then there is no reason for her to have never gone to Celestia’s school and met up with her coltfriend again, unless there was a financial barrier and no scholarship program.

@Somber Star
Actually about this Starlight being an example of effort. I’m not sure that’s the case because Jim said himself that she has a talent for magic apparently as well.
Somber Star
Whatever bird that's dumber than a duck. Imagine I made the effort to research that and make a new badge for it. - Either a complete retard or a full time moron, it's hard to tell which and frankly I don't care either way

-Now Unicorns initially seem like the best choice among ponies (and they probably are), but OP was spot on by specifying that you’re just a regular unicorn. Not a special cookie like Twi, Starlight or Sunset who are all very, VERY rare cases and not a realistic representation of an MLP unicorn.
You can levitate stuff, so mundane everyday chores are much easier, but your weight limit is nowhere near what Twilight has displayed at any given time. You can mostly lift stuff you could lift with your own arms/hooves. You also can’t shoot beams, teleport or create barriers either. You only get this lightweight telekinesis and a unique, special ability depending on your talent, which could be either something truly impressive (like Shining Armor’s ability to create barriers stronger than Celestia’s or Luna’s) or something simpler for your personal convenience (Rarity’s ability to track gemstones, a voice-amplifier spell if you’re a singer, etc). No super heroes here either.
The key thing to note about unicorn magic is that it can be developed. Sure, there are some with incredible talent that start off a good ways above the average and only go up from there, however, there is an entire school for “gifted” unicorns, meaning they happen at a decent frequency and, as is indicated by Twilight in some episodes, still have to train and be taught. The way I see it, even if you don’t end up a “super” unicorn, as long as you’re fairly intelligent and dedicated, you can probably pull off some incredible things regardless. After all, as is indicated by Starlight’s having never seen her foalhood coltfriend (who was sent to said school) again despite eventually being powerful enough to challenge alicorn Twilight, she got where she was through effort and she was born potentially absent of talent.
That’s another point I see in favor of choosing unicorn. You get out of it what you put into it.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Hard choice… Pegasus suits me in a lot of ways, but unicorn in a few very important ones. Overall though it’s more important that I be there than what I be there. Either would probably be adequate.