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explicit313688 grimdark29662 artist:nekubi780 dumbbell601 hoops402 starlight glimmer43160 twilight sparkle280291 alicorn191781 pony830027 the cutie re-mark3005 abuse6245 age difference2099 anus86133 assisted rape14 bad end1955 bad touch676 blushing173249 bondage29947 buttstuck361 colt13173 crystal2312 cum71553 cum on ass1131 dock43289 dumbbell raping twilight sparkle1 encasement1281 eyes closed78744 female883029 femdom6601 femsub8299 floppy ears46068 foalcon16854 foaldom340 frozen290 gang rape360 gritted teeth10161 group sex13594 imminent orgasm360 imprisoned70 kevin26 magic64773 magic abuse516 male300056 maledom4060 mare406108 mare on colt218 nudity329261 partial encasement20 penetration48300 penis135701 personal space invasion632 plot70546 ponut37896 public humiliation452 public sex2859 public use1848 raised tail13068 rape7765 rape by proxy131 sex105774 sex noises645 starlight glimmer raping twilight sparkle5 starlight is a colt coddler4 straight120397 straight shota1164 stuck2258 submissive12556 sweat22501 this will end in timeline distortion83 trembling601 twibutt4395 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113970 twilybuse467 twisub488 vaginal33634 wide eyes16049


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Background Pony #87B4
Hoops is going to be very confused when Princess Twilight shows up at his door and demands foal support for getting her pregnant as a colt.
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it'd be pretty grim if that was the case, considering in the show she was entirely encased.
Let's assume that it's a light material that allows gasses to easily pass through it.

Should this also be classed as suffocation and snuff because of a bit of her lower body being exposed while her upper body is encased?
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Meanwhile back in her timeline, she sues adult him for foal support. He swears he's never fucked her, but the tests show the foal is his. He is forever confused and broke.
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I find the concept very sexy, Dumbbell's face here is fucking hot and the faces on the other foals are fucking hot too, and Twilight is ultra sexy as usual, but… the rape aspect just turns me off, can I just pretend that she actually likes it? especially considering its inspiration in the first place, where she seemed to "like" foals anyway.

Maybe I need to commission another kind of version, man does this have me torn.
Background Pony #7E87
So basically, what we have here is an endless stream of pegasi snd unicorn(because cloudwalking) colts railing Twi for everything she's got. Colts can't get fully-grown mares pregnant in this universe, right? Or are some just that virile that they could rut at 1 and impregnate?