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suggestive135056 artist:digitaldomain123745 princess celestia92232 queen chrysalis33651 spike76586 princess molestia3183 ass45685 blushing186167 bugbutt1434 chryspike88 comic104574 commission61099 digital art15819 dock46675 female1303395 femdom7656 foalcon17501 kissing23428 large butt14974 lipstick10358 lipstick fetish369 male350447 plot74281 shipping191291 spike gets all the mares734 spikelestia233 straight129806 sunbutt3851 the ass was fat13166


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

potato wizard
> lipstick fetish

If it suspends your aquatic vehicle upon the gravitational surface of whatever liquid medium said vehicle is resting in, then go for it.
Background Pony #A274
I don't get the covered in lipstick fetish, and the kissy kissy shizz this guy does. It weirds me out.