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Season 6 Episode Discussion [Speculation/Theories/Beware of Spoilers]

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It's hard to believe, but we've reached the Sixth Season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

FiM will air every saturday morning at 11:30 AM EST/10:30 AM CT/ 8:30 AM PST. Please try to remember to spoiler your discussion until AFTER the episode has been uploaded. Have fun!

For convenience, here are a few sites with episode live-streams:
Brony TV
The Brony Network
Equestria TV
Otaku Ascended
Brony State
World of Equestria [Woeful]

_ _ _

Things you can feel free to analyze and discuss
– Episodes of season 6
– Characters
– Animation
– Speculation

Things to generally avoid*:
– Using external factors to talk. That includes writers’ opinion, writers’ track record, ratings, etc. This thread is for you to express your opinion, what you think about the episode and why you think so based on what happens in the episode.
– Policing opinion ("stop having x opinion")
– "You’re wrong". "No, you’re wrong". kind of talk. Be a reasonable individual, and use episode/character analysis for your rebuttal.
– Anything that isn’t necessarily episode discussion or MLP-related.

* Consider these more like guidelines instead of rules, since one can't seriously expect all of them to be strictly followed all the time [hell, I've been guilty of breaking some of these time and again]; but still try to adhere to them as much as possible.

-Be mindful and respectful of others
-Have fun
-Not everyone is going to remember to spoiler, so caution is advised. If you don't want to be spoiled, watch the episode before you go to the thread. Don't get mad at others for something that's your own fault.
- Others may have differing opinions; but that's okay.
-NO SHITPOSTING! It's no secret that the fandom isn't unanimously satisfied with the current state of the show, but don't try to intentionally start drama.

Background Pony #5C08
Hell yes!

…though I most likely will stop watching the show or fandom again depending on how long the hiatus is.
Background Pony #F53C
I hope to see more worldbuilding. Like, a dragon civilization or more about Zebras.
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Sunny Day Realtor
If Limestone appears in this season and they don't make her into some fucking woobie or anything, I will be a happy camper for once in my life

here's to my pathetic hopes for the best

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I miss the show so much
You know, this thread probably dies off, and the actual season 6 thread gets created much later on?
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Sunny Day Realtor
Maybe this can be a hopes and wants thread in the meantime, then. If this thread dies off before S6 starts, at least people can have a thread to talk about what they'd like to see out of the next season :V
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Sunny Day Realtor
If he's like that and I find him to be a good character, then I'll say that I thought he was a good character. I can't really give a more detailed answer than that because I can't imagine anything of the sort happening ._.

I mean, I have things I usually really like and things I usually really hate, but there isn't exclusive archtypes to those categories I guess. I usually really love strong and aggressive characters, but I don't like Gilda because her dialogue was so horrid in her first appearance and I just couldn't get past that on her second appearance — even though she is a character from an archtype I usually really enjoy. The same can go the other way as well, but I find it much more unlikely.
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