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Based on the Chinese comic panels from: Lao fu Zi, Mr.Chin and Potato Head #93, pg 11
:I …Well, at least she’s not sewing up any cutie mark dresses…  
Old ladies’ dresses:  
(Rarity’s dress is based off the traditional Chinese design; I can’t find the exact link to the dress)
Rarity design by megarextera
Pinkamena design by shinta-girl
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safe2155275 artist:meiyeezhu341 artist:shinta-girl1088 pinkie pie253717 rarity215911 human240940 g42008107 beautiful8481 blushing269144 breasts385433 busty rarity17416 cleavage46002 clothes625986 comic134187 crystal4115 dialogue91139 dress61035 faic14835 fashion648 fashion reaction64 female1782044 funny5439 humanized118176 humanized ponified human159 leather jacket5251 megarextera1 meme93235 old master q505 panties62976 panty shot1110 parody17362 pink underwear4659 pinkamena diane pie22255 sewing678 sewing machine708 shocked10027 simple background585958 skirt54656 speechless108 surprised12659 tank top10728 traditional art141741 underwear77831 unexpected189 upskirt7244 white background157741


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