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safe2199510 artist:ncmares738 applejack202584 princess cadance40560 princess celestia113867 princess luna118300 rainbow dash283112 twilight sparkle361380 alicorn319852 earth pony515575 pegasus508265 pony1630046 ask majesty incarnate97 g42055467 alicorn tetrarchy1242 alternate hairstyle38690 angry37092 bed mane900 bedroom eyes83536 blowing bubbles484 bubble9519 bubblegum1638 clothes645569 female1831287 folded wings21036 food103140 hair over one eye13139 height difference2831 hoodie21013 looking at you265205 mare759544 mouth hold24071 nose wrinkle3970 pillow26024 rainbow socks2275 raised hoof71601 simple background610099 slender8845 socks97341 straw in mouth1591 striped socks28711 sweater19863 thin12619 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150885 wings230127 wrong neighborhood655


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Background Pony #432A
I think I’m going to tease them for fun.
(Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and especially Twilight Sparkle)
Background Pony #346A
Hi I’m ghost of the Bismarck I’m Carey sorry so please stay safe on your jury and tack kare
Background Pony #346A
Also there cute and all but not a kawaii as fluttershy I would mate with here eny day if you know what I mean 🔐
Background Pony #346A
Hi dashie41 yt your not vary nice because you yelled at me for saying fluttershy is best pony
Background Pony #FE66
(grabbed someone beside you and place it in front of you) They’re looking at you, be disappointed.
Background Pony #601E
I couldn’t help but hear the Team Fortress jingle in my head when I saw this.

I understand that with sleepovers, you sleep in, but I think it’s late enough in the morning now that they all need a shower.