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Moondancer: Pretty good, Twilight. But its lacking basic construction, and your perspective leaves a lot to be desired.  
Twilight: Eh, everyponys a critic!

artist needed28913 source needed23512 useless source url4369 safe2151404 edit171018 moondancer6006 twilight sparkle354304 alicorn309488 pony1579279 starfish524 unicorn527421 amending fences1410 g42004453 season 53578 bookhorse717 comparison5303 crossover72566 doodlebob10 female1777798 food99773 frankendoodle20 haycartes' method174 hilarity ensues39 magic pencil3 male541890 mare726558 paper twilight116 patrick star437 pencil4778 pencil drawing11049 pineapple605 ponified50206 ponyville7728 spoilers for another series1719 sponge416 spongebob reference187 spongebob squarepants3727 spongebob squarepants (character)516 this will end in pain2605 this will not end well2428 traditional art141521 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147849


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Duck - Likes to sockpuppet for drama
Duck - 1104243, just... 1104243
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

“But its lacking basic construction, and your perspective leaves a lot to be desired.”  
He’s not wrong.
Background Pony #7DB8
Twilight: Where could she possibly be?  
Moondancer: Maybe she’s in that poorly drawn castle.
Background Pony #F1E6
“Aaawww, look at her. Ain’t she a doll~? All she needs is a horn.”
draws Twidoodle’s horn
“Ready for action!”
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

FrankenSparkle: (makes bowling ball)
Moondancer: YAAH! (turns into bowling pins…gets bowled over…and bowling ball hits her in the head)
Twilight: You okay, Moondancer?
Moondancer: FINLAND!
Background Pony #8F06
Twilight: Take this and that and this and that! YAAAAA! I AM PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLE! DESTROYER OF EVIL!  
Moondancer: Take it easy it’s just a drawing.