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safe2200228 artist:h-stallionwolf44 rainbow dash283180 soarin'18027 pegasus508572 pony1630705 g42056391 wonderbolts academy1590 circuit26 crossover73730 fanart2723 fanfic art18876 female1832074 male560523 mare760040 palindrome get2340 racing496 road1233 speed76 stallion200254 yu-gi-oh!1082 yu-gi-oh! 5d's128


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Yami ga aku wo uragiru toki, shinsei hoshi wa konpeki ao ni kagayake! Ten wo ai suru kage yo! Kimi no uchinaru hikari wo kagayake to sekai kara aku wo sakujo! Dāku Shinkuro! Ware no tamashī no eizou, Ajiyua Sutā Doragon!
(Original card and chant)
Artist -

@Background Pony #F4AD  
yeah it’s god arc v’s brining the nostalgia, though honestly the riding duel circuit is kinda weak: don’t get me wrong, the way they fold in and unfold for duels is clever, but the design is weak: it’s practically all straight long roads with jagged 60 degree like curves. the 5D’s dueling lanes had better curves and an aerodynamic semi circle design.
As for the dueling, it’s great and such to see everyone dueling, but i do miss the speed counter and speed spell, it brought more dynamic and can lock up certain archetype spells, thus making the game more balanced, but hey action riding duels cover it up. what do you think?
Background Pony #8FB4
Well Arc-V brought the riding duels back in a style like 5D’s. So still good to see them again.
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Well, character flaws do give way to development, there may be hope for the other wonderbolts yet. But yeah Soarin’ is the best stallion.
And great art, by the way H-StallionWolf. :>
Artist -

tell me about it, soarin needs more screen time, though season 4 even though it brought the orse in some wonderbotls, soarin behaved very humbly even encouraging rainbow dash to enter the equestria games
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Rarity knew Fleetfoot was fastest because she knows Rainbow Dash who is a Wonderbolts fan, who told her that Fleetfoot is the fastest. She tried to pass it off as knowing the Wonderbolts trainer so as to keep up her facade of high social contacts. Not luck.  
I’m not trying to down Soarin as a character, but you asked for some stuff from the show. He is the worst NAMED Wonderbolt(apologies, I should have been more specific) only in the sense in that he isn’t the fastest or the captain and though he had only one accident, it’s more than Spitfire or Fleetfoot so he MAY be the clumssiest.  
As a character….well, that’s a tin of worms I won’t open now.

I was so sad when i saw how they were depicted in season 4… I wrote them with original personalities back before season 3 aired… and Fleetfoot has become one of my favorite characters through the way i’ve depicted her. I had to scream into a pillow when they showed up in season 4, they completely destroyed them > _ <

He had one accident, Spitfire was quick to replace him because she’s an asshole and for the chance to get RD to join, RD herself is honestly better than all the Wonderbolts and the only reason she’s not in is because it would alienate her from her friends and ruin the series. Rarity predicted Fleetfoot’s win purely by luck and passed it off by saying she heard it from RD, Fleetfoot really has no hook as a character other than being Spitfire’s yes man. It seems a bit unfair considering someone the worst purely because they’re not a leadership position or allegedly the most skilled. Soarin is at least out of the background considering there are about 3 or 4 other Wonderbolts members that have little to no development. Soarin at least as the token nice guy among a team of jerks thing going for him.
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Eh, it’s just because he screwed up in training and the first chance Fleetfoot and Spitfire get, they replace him. Spitfire is the captain and Fleetfoot is possibly the fastest (when Rarity was with Fancy Pants at the arena, I think she said something about Fleetfoot being the fastest). So, because Soarin isn’t the captain or the speedstar of the team, and so far the clumsiest regardless, he is the worst Wonderbolt with a name.