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safe1708326 artist:mewball452 applejack170066 fluttershy212851 pinkie pie216380 rainbow dash234134 rarity182014 twilight sparkle300568 butterfly7090 earth pony249442 pegasus292501 unicorn324191 anthro260565 unguligrade anthro48458 2010s100 2012651 apple16252 arms in the air482 blonde mane234 blue eyes5111 blue fur358 blue wings75 clothes460292 compression shorts1312 cowboy hat15914 cowgirl589 denim shorts708 diamonds135 female1364860 food70226 green eyes4241 hand on hip6211 happy31272 hat86995 high socks26 horn67537 mane six31938 multicolored hair5591 multicolored mane1562 multicolored tail1193 open mouth146215 pantyhose3419 pink eyes682 pink fur91 pink mane812 pink tail238 ponytail17933 purple eyes2344 purple fur78 purple mane522 purple tail153 rainbow hair2431 rainbow tail280 serious1178 shoes36807 shorts14002 simple background394099 skirt39823 smiling249029 sneakers5046 sweater14531 sweatershy3179 t-shirt4434 tail27865 tanktop7707 tights640 transparent background202643 wings107721 yellow fur91


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