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And that’s how the episode was made.

safe2208372 screencap298745 aura (g4)480 boysenberry225 brown sugar42 cotton cloudy539 daisy2996 dizzy twister1327 first base415 flower wishes2997 kevin168 liza doolots713 orange swirl1327 petunia713 ruby pinch1465 sassaflash1179 shady daze443 sweet pop75 tootsie flute716 twinkleshine2743 changeling67590 pony1638720 g42063416 season 53954 slice of life (episode)2006 animated128313 chair12119 colt22054 filly100419 foal48198 frown37006 male564100 scared14511 sitting95261 wedding1980 worried5767


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Background Pony #9C29
Is it Thorax? Or is it a Changeling in an undercover mission but accidentally forgot to change into a pony?
Background Pony #7698
for real non changeling name kevin! a oc changeling yes but not the canon one!
Background Pony #7698
i think the changeling foget to change form! so mission fail! you fonded!

Never mind, it’s “Sweet Pop.” The brown, pink, and white one doesn’t seem to have a popular fan name. I saw her called “Brown Sugar” on Deviantart and added it to the tags. “Neapolitan” might be more appropriate.

When I saw this Changeling in the episode, I thought he was a friend of Cranky’s.
I thought Cranky met him when the Changeling got separated from the Horde and was dying of starvation from lack of love.
Cranky told it stories about Matilda and how he was searching for her, and the Changeling fed off the love Cranky felt for Matilda.