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safe2171851 artist:muffinshire190 gusty667 moondancer6079 sunbeam58 twilight sparkle357314 oc946201 oc:flyleaf12 bird13717 comic:twilight's first day85 g42026617 bathroom3411 big no302 book43489 clumsy265 comic135243 crying55376 defenestration180 feather8619 female1799901 filly97212 hair dryer295 help353 hilarious in hindsight3828 levitation16231 magic96475 muffinshire is trying to murder us48 panic1219 perfume312 princess celestia's school for gifted unicorns79 quill3385 saddle bag8225 slice of life1650 smell234 tears of pain1711 telekinesis38988 theme song467 toilet paper628 tree49202 water25386 wet11649 what were you thinking35 you dun goofed188 younger22800


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I miss the show so much
Oh no. I just realized that is the Daring Do book she got in the previous comic, and promised to not destroy it. Poor Twi, she’s not going to get another book from that library ever again.