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safe1656698 artist:grennadder207 fluttershy207357 rainbow dash228289 pegasus272577 pony921020 absurd resolution65139 backwards cutie mark3212 cute192293 dashabetes8811 duo56604 duo female9433 featured image845 female1319911 flutterbutt4819 forest9719 grass9062 looking up15643 mare457428 mountain4847 open mouth136918 plot75860 scenery7772 scenery porn807 shyabetes13044 sky13203 smiling234630 tree30887 wind1150


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Majestic! Very bright and colourful, and then both look so happy.

@Background Pony #506B
Here are the deviantart tags: #fluttershy #green #mountains #nature #naturewalk #rainbowdash #sunrise #valley #flutterdash. I'm sure you can draw your own conclusions about this.