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even better loop than >>900444
it was one annoying frame that made the hoof staggger mid movement
dead source22835 safe1691463 artist:earthenhoof43 artist:neysanight122 rainbow dash232320 pegasus285910 pony953171 animated97826 c:1199 cute197656 dashabetes9116 female1349356 hoofy-kicks756 hooves17688 irl69725 loop5206 mare473676 perfect loop1352 photo79003 plushie23757 smiling243993 solo1053936 sweet dreams fuel1578 underhoof51383


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Background Pony #4E25
Her tail alone took "forever" according to the maker :p
only thing i regret is not giving dash a good brushiebrush before recording this, her mane can still look as new and soft as in that picture.
Background Pony #54E8
This picture probably has the highest adorability / work involved ratio on the whole site. It's wonderful how one can make so much win with but a plushie!
ShadowBolt Platinum

Don't lose your way!
All the other mares with the hoofy-kicks you better fly, better fly, outrun my Dash.
All the other mares with the hoofy-kicks you better fly, better fly faster than my Rainbow.