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safe1676315 artist:sampodre15 derpibooru exclusive27655 queen chrysalis34276 changeling46010 3d73187 adventure in the comments1275 animated97121 cinemagraph376 creepy awesome1 epic1359 featured image865 female1336214 gif party66 glowing eyes10890 open mouth140108 photoshop3721 rain5965 sharp teeth3579 smirk12150 solo1043756 visual effects of awesome18 wet7838


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That looks cool I like the dark immage without it being morbid but still being spokey and the rain effect is just epic
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Wow this image is pretty good. (even goes with my headcanon of her making her final revenge plan in the rain)

I've seen this pic a lotta times now, but I was just wondering how cool it'd be if she was slightly animated as well.
If only breathing, so cool~
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This is truly a gorgeous image. I wish we could get images like this all of the time.

Next, we need this in a dark image.