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I made an edit with some improvements to post >>351591
semi-grimdark28986 artist:tess805 edit127414 rarity177205 pony918559 unicorn301852 bloodless7 counter-strike126 eye scream280 female1317728 frown22219 glare8153 immortal28 immortality is awesome33 invincible13 knife5112 mare456338 no fucks235 open mouth136288 rarity is not amused392 solo1030252 unamused15364 vulgar20107 weapon29368


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Background Pony #323A
"Don't you know that I'm a marshmallow? The only thing I fear is being roasted over an open fire. Other than that, I am invincible."
Background Pony #0A18
Silly bitch your weapons cannot harm me, don't you know who the fuck I am?

Are you the Juggernaut bitch?

Great stuff.